Five of Swords – What Does It Mean?

What Does The Art Tell Us?

A young man with a proud look is gathering up the five swords of his enemies that he won in combat. Two defeated men walk away sadly. There are definite ominous clouds in the sky.

What Does The Upright Position Mean?

Five of Swords in General:

There is the energy of a conflict or a similar situation of a disagreement – and although you are victorious, you need to ask ‘at what expense?’ as there are people who have been hurt during your crusade for winning or ‘rightness’. Whether it’s your ego or just misplaced ambition, wouldn’t it be better to deal with it by bringing them alongside instead of alienating them in their defeat?

Five of Swords from the RWS style deck

Five of Swords in Love:

The energy around you and your intimate partner is electric… and not in a passionate or positive way! You are both easy to irritate, and it seems simple and natural to snap at each other. Make sure that any conflict that arises between you makes you take a step back and ask yourself if you’re in this conflict just to be right, or if it’s a natural conflict that needs working through.

Five of Swords on Career:

This card can signify bullying and unfair targeting – so make sure you’re not the instigator first and foremost. If someone else is bullying a colleague you should stand up for them, and use all safe channels to support them through your workplace.

Five of Swords on Finances:

There can be conflict over finances with people in your life… whether you’re wanting to spend or you’re being pressured to give/lend out of your finances. This card can also point to needing to be more thrifty and careful with your money, and last but not least – don’t lend more than you can afford to lose!

Five of Swords Reversed:

The vibes surrounding the Five of Swords in the reversed position usually points to there having been a conflict but you can’t wait for it to blow over so you can move on with your life. You’ve learnt that stepping on others in order to win means that you’ve all lost.

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