Green Aventurine – What is its Crystal Meaning?

I was so happy to get some wire wrapped crystal jewellery from a great friend of mine who owns JaDesign here in Australia, and although I was excited for other pieces to arrive that I had ordered – the green aventurine necklace I had ordered just captured my attention immediately.

Isn’t it just beautiful?

So I had to learn more about Aventurine (green aventurine is most common) and thought I’d share some more about it with you all.

Is Green Aventurine Lucky?

Yes it is very lucky so make sure you keep a piece on you when you need that energetic push!

What Chakra Is Aventurine Connected With?

As the stone is green and works with emotion, it is connected to the Heart Chakra

What Else Is Green Aventurine Great For?

This stone is a member of the quartz family and gets its opaque green hue from fuchite particles.

Aventurine is a great promoter of happiness, and without you will find confidence, strength and courage.

Be mindful though, this green stone loves to help drag you out of your comfort zone, but soothes your emotional and spiritual anxiety when you are being so stretched towards your goals.

Green Aventurine also helps you have the insight and energy for positive leadership positions in your life, and it brings about financial abundance and prosperity as you work towards your dreams. It also helps what can be for some people crippling performance anxiety.

Where To Wear Aventurine?

I prefer it on a necklace as a pendant, or as a brooch, near the Heart Chakra. Others prefer to keep a tumble in their pockets and rub it when needing luck, relief from anxiety or extra confidence.

Thank you for coming along and learning some more about Aventurine, remember I’d love to hear more from you in the comments ☺️ Please feel free to share and Pin and spread the love!

That’s it from me today, I hope you stay safe and share your Light, and you’ll hear from me again soon

Yours in Health, Happiness and Holiness,

Angela xx

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