Having an Attitude of Gratitude

We’ve all heard this saying, but what is gratitude exactly? Oxford Languages defines gratitude as the quality of being thankful; readiness to show appreciation for and to return kindness. It is showing appreciation for all the things you find valuable in your life.

There have been many studies done in the field of positive psychology, on gratitude and thankfulness and their impact on mental health.

Think about it this way… when we’re practicing gratitude we’re seeing our blessings from every angle and aspect – getting the most out of each positive in our life (an abundance ‘bang for your buck’ so to speak).

There is also being grateful in the moment (state) where you’re feeling the thankfulness for something or someone, and also the practice of being grateful over the long-term as a part of your personality (trait)… the more you practice thankfulness and gratitude, the more our brains rewire themselves and it actually becomes a characteristic of our personalities.

Benefits of an attitude of gratitude include:

– Improved Mood

– Feeling less lack

– Focused on the positive

– Better sleep

– Increased patience

– Increased self-esteem

From a spiritual perspective, gratitude helps us open up to the abundance of the universe. According to Esther Hicks and the Law of Attraction, gratitude is a strong signal to all of creation that you appreciate all the blessings in your life – large and small! Gratitude is key to unlocking even more prosperity and abundance in your life and tells the universe/Source that more abundance should flow to you!

How to Practice Gratitude

– Have a gratitude journal and write in three things you’re grateful for each morning and night

– Say thanks to your partner and kids

– Go outside and enjoy nature

– Look for the silver linings, even in tough situations and challenges

– Appreciate the safety and resources you have living in the area you do

– Make a time each week to send a letter or message to people in your life who have made a positive difference

– Remember situations that were more challenging

– Practice mindfulness

– Say prayers of thankfulness

Are there any other ways you can add in the comments?

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That’s it from me this today, I hope you stay safe and share your Light, and you’ll hear from me again soon!

Yours in Health, Happiness and Holiness,

Angela xx

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  1. Wendy Mck
    Wendy Mck says:

    Yes !! This!! We should be grateful even in the worst of times, there is always something, whether it be a simple thing like having a drink of clean water, or getting a random hug from your child, or being given the opportunity to help another person, so many things we look on negatively can be turned around if we think about it.

  2. Valery
    Valery says:

    Gratitude ALWAYS helps me so much, but is so much easier said than done. I need to try your tip of writing in a journal. Thanks for putting this together!


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