November Tarot Spread

Let’s have a look at the energies surrounding us in the month of November, with a three card spread:

The beginning, middle and end of November energies

Start of the Month

We’re starting November with the Seven of Cups. We see various cups with much desired gifts like jewels, and a laurel leaf crown juxtaposed less desired gifts such as a venomous snake. These cups appear in a dream to the man in the forefront.

It is a card of new beginnings and starts of all sorts, but beware! Not all that glitters is gold, and not all options are what they seem. You may even be prone to ideals that aren’t necessarily realistic and maybe not everything is as you wish it to be.

This tarot card is warning us against wishful thinking, and to make sure that you’re not influenced by the energy of illusion. Make sure that you make a decision or choice, but that your decision is grounded in truth and authenticity for your highest good. If it seems too good to be true – it just might be!


The Four of Cups in this Tarot reading appears for our mid-month energies, with our person sitting under the shade of a tree as he meditates. He’s so engrossed in his meditation he doesn’t see the offered cup, or the other three cups at his feet.

The energies are those of opportunity and new projects that we are saying ‘no’ to, and are even perhaps turning inwards to work on our inner lives and selves.

Perhaps you are already overwhelmed with your current invitations and projects that you could not commit to another one on top of what you have already agreed to. Perhaps you want to take some time to attend to your spiritual life and need to decline any further pulls on your time… regardless, this cards energies say ‘not now’, although a yes may be what you want to say further down the track. As with the previous card, keep what is important for your highest good at the forefront of your thoughts.

End of Month

Now let’s not worry, although we see the Death card – it rarely means a physical death. This Tarot card shows us the Messenger of Death on his white steed trampling through bodies including a royal figure to a Bishop, woman and child. They seem to be pleading with this Messenger, but it’s a reminder that Death comes for us all in the end.

This is a card of shutting one door before another opens, of ending of one state or way for another to emerge – much akin to how we see the sun set at night and the moon to come out, only for the sun to rise brilliantly in the morning.

It is a great energy for sudden transformation and changes from one state to the next in your life. It also reminds us that it could be time to leave stale situations, relationships and projects in order to energetically pave the way for something new to emerge in your life.

Yours in happiness, health and holiness

Angela x

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