October Tarot Spread

Let’s have a look at the energies ahead of us in October with a three card spread:

The beginning, middle and end of the month

Start of the month:

We’re starting October with the Three of Pentacles. We see craftsmen building a cathedral, all consulting one another with a set of plans or blueprints.

Number Three is for implementing the ideas we saw born in the Ace and planned through in the Two of Pentacles.

Start taking steps to reach your goals and accomplish your plans, or perhaps you’ve even had your first success and are wanting more. Know that working in a team means mutual respect of each others talents and idiosyncrasies… and together with your team you have the starting blocks to achieve great things.


The Empress shows us that there’s more goodness to come, representative of harvest and fertility! She’s got on a dress covered in a ripe fruit pattern, reclining on a red throne, with ripe wheat all around.

We’re going to be able to have even greater successes if we have been able to work synergistically with others and come to a gentle place of rest in harvest. Things are on track to come to fruition so stay the course.

Make sure also to nurture yourself, and take self-care time as you’re not going to be able to pour from an empty cup.

End of Month

The World is our end of month card – the news gets better and the whole world is at your feet!

You’re full of a sense of fulfilment and achievement having worked hard easier on in the month. Everything is coming together as you intended 🙂

Do not forgot the lessons you have learned getting to where you are now, take time to reflect.

This card can also signify travel so don’t be surprised if that energy pokes up at the end of October.

Please celebrate, and don’t just rush head on into the next project – make sure to relish where you are in the moment and take a healthy pride in what you have accomplished in October

Yours in happiness, health and holiness,

Angela x

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