Reiki For Sleep

As you probably already know I studied to become a Reiki a master Practitioner, and I have found this system of spiritual balancing to be very helpful. it relaxes and harmonises you, your heart rate and blood pressure both can even out due to lying down and alleviating stress, and I find also my anxiety lessens from these sessions.

I am also a terrible insomniac. Due to how severe it is, my medications are somewhat tailored helping me sleep at night.

Oh my gosh she takes medications!? That’s not very ‘natural’ of her!

Yes I take medications for a few things that are totally my business alone. I also believe in science, and believe in alleviating suffering that isn’t alleviated any other way except through meds. So I minimise toxins in other ways in my life – so now we know all that let’s move on…

Back to being an insomniac… I also have trouble waking in the night. Tonight I woke up to roll over and realised it was just so hot in my room laying next to my husband. I got up and now I’m writing this post at 2:57am because I was excited to share with you how Reiki helps me get back to sleep once I’ve fixed any discomfort.

Here’s the steps I take to get to sleep when I am struggling, or get back to sleep when I’ve woken up. I’ve added a few adjustments to make in steps before the Reiki for sleep instructions so you can get a better effect.

Step One – Reduce Distractions and Discomforts

In my case tonight it was too hot. I tried without a blanket but I was too frustrated at waking up. So I increased the cooler fan, and came into my lounge room which is the coolest area of the house, and into my recliner (which is oh so comfortable).

So do what you have to go get rid of distractions and discomforts. Turn off the television, fix the temperature in your room for comfort or switch where you sleep to somewhere more comfortable. Fluff your pillows and adjust them ready to lie down, get a throw, blanket or doona ready and if needs be a relaxing eye pillow.

Step Two – Diffuse Essential Oils For Relaxation

I love a blend from Eco Modern Essentials called “Dream Drops” I love to put in my diffuser. Oils that are good for relaxation and sleep are Lavender, Chamomile, and Vetiver… they are my favourites for when it’s been tough and I need to pull out the big guns (adding Vetiver and Chamomile to “Dream Drops” says ‘I mean business’, lol).

Step Three – Play Reiki Relaxation Music

I love listening to Reiki music on Apple Music as it is so relaxing! So use your music subscriptions and find some spiritual or Reiki sounds that you enjoy and play them loud enough you can hear it without straining, but not overwhelmingly loud if you get my meaning!? We want the music to be a layer in this process instead of a focus.

Step Four – Lay Down On Your Back

If possible lay on your back, if you can’t that is totally okay and just lay how you are most comfortable. Breathe deeply and notice the sounds and smells around you, and prepare yourself to do Reiki and become even more relaxed.

Step Five – Perform Reiki On Yourself

Finally – we get to the Reiki part!

Hand on my heart (heart chakra, that is!)

Take some deep belly breaths, slowly in and out. Don’t force it just fill your lungs as best you can, then breathe out any tension or negativity.

To start Reiki for sleep, visualise yourself laying there in your bed. From above a golden white light comes down from the heavens, and enters in through your crown and follows all the way down, slowly trickling down and permeating your whole body – every cell, all the way to your feet and flowing out into the ground.

Note: if at any time your experience is slightly different than I describe eg. the light is a different colour – don’t fret just go with it

Take your dominant hand (usually also dominant in Reiki but not always – we’re taking a chance here 😉) and place it on the top of your head. Imagine a purple-white light encasing that area on your crown (Crown Chakra) and balancing it. Concentrate on the colour, how it feels (does it feel sticky, hot, cold etc.), and say to the Universe “I intend to balance my Crown Chakra”. You can either say it aloud or more easily in your mind.

Next move your hand down to your forehead where the Third Eye Chakra is, and while this Universal Energy (white gold light) is coursing through you you feel your forehead and imagine your Third Eye Chakra bathed in purple light. Notice how it feels, and affirm to the Universe that “I intend to balance my Third Eye Chakra”.

Put your hand on your throat now – this is your Throat Chakra, and it is bathed in blue light. I find this one to be usually slow and clogged in a lot of women as we struggle to express ourselves and speak our truth. Feel how this Chakra feels energetically. Say silently or aloud “I intend to balance my Throat Chakra”.

Repeat for:

Heart Chakra – Green or Pink Light “I intend to balance my Heart Chakra”

Solar Plexus Chakra – Yellow Light “I intend to balance my Solar Plexus Chakra”

Sacral Chakra – Orange Light “I intend to balance my Sacral Chakra”

And last in our Chakras in line for Reiki for Sleep…

Root Chakra – Red Light “I intend to balance my Root Chakra”. If you have trouble remembering which chakra goes when, where and which colour, I have a printable available HERE which you can use to refer to during sessions if you forget.

Then imagine you are totally bathed in that golden white light coming from the Universe., that flows through you and down into Mother Earth. Concentrate lightly on it permeating your whole body and flowing through you as you take some deep breaths. Affirm to the Universe “Thank you for this balancing session” as the golden white light stops flowing into you from above, and you are still surrounded and permeated by that protective and refreshing light in and around your body. Slowly open your eyes and readjust. Hopefully you won’t even reach this far as you’ve fallen asleep but if you do don’t worry you should feel relaxed from your session. Just move into a position for sleeping and take a few deep breaths and continue to listed gently to the Reiki music as you fall asleep.

I know what I wrote seems like a lot, but also at times I fall asleep before I get through this style of self-Reiki as I’m so relaxed. It really doesn’t take long, however don’t rush it either. Reiki for sleep is an important part of your insomnia tool-box, so keep practicing it whenever you’re unable to sleep.

Please share and Pin this post if it has helped – spread the love!

That’s it from me today, I hope you stay safe and share your Light, and you’ll hear from me again soon!

Yours in Health, Happiness and Holiness,

Angela xx

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  1. Riyah Speaks
    Riyah Speaks says:

    This was such an interesting post. I’ve recently started getting into this and will definitely remember this for the next time I’m struggling with sleep.

  2. Lis
    Lis says:

    Mmmm, love this! Reiki is a beautiful energy modality! I have my reiki level 2, and never thought to use it for sleep. Thanks for the wonderful info 😀

  3. Leslie
    Leslie says:

    I thought it has to be performed by someone else which is why I haven’t tried it. This is a game changer. I fall asleep but have trouble staying that way. I’ll be using this tonight when I got o bed.


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