Six of Wands – What Does It Mean?

Today I drew the Six of Wands as the daily card for my Instagram and FB Page followers and thought I’d do a deep dive on this card ☺️

What Does The Art Tell Us?

A man on a white horse, in a crowd of cheering people. A laurel crown sits on his head, and a wreath is on his pole/wand.

Six of Wands in the RWS Deck

What Does The Upright Position Mean?


You have achieved a great success! Through confidence, wisdom and hard work, you have made it – you’ve achieved your goal. Not only have you overcome a lot to succeed but you’re also experiencing some kind of public attention or acclaim for this achievement, even if it’s just a pat on the back. The Six of Wands tells us you’ve minimised distractions and given all you had to make your goal a reality.

Six of Wands in Love

If you are single, the Six of Wands is letting you know that success in intimate relationships is not far away. You may carry an energy that makes those you’re interested in more receptive to you

If you are in a relationship, there are mutual goals for this partnership that are coming to pass like moving in together, engagement, marriage etc.

Six of Wands at Work

There are great outcomes coming for all your wise and difficult work. Rewards are coming your way – even if that is the recognition you seek, a raise, an award or other reward.

Six of Wands on Finances

You are in a solid financial position now due to your diligence, dedication and hard work. Make sure to enjoy your success, but be careful not to fritter your money away with large and small purchases that aren’t needed.

Six of Wands Reversed

Your drive and motivation to achieve are low, and you’re worried about failing (yourself and others), or are coming out of a recent drop in your success timeline. You’re lacking confidence, and have a lot of self-doubt – or the Six of Wands reversed could be telling you that you’ve started to get a swell head and to tone down your ego.

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That’s it from me this today, I hope you stay safe and share your Light, and you’ll hear from me again soon!

Yours in Health, Happiness and Holiness,

Angela xx

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